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Dormant Colour

Piha Burn

Piha Burn was inspired by the true story of Gordon McKay, a man who faked his own death in 1930s, New Zealand. A small book of charcoal, gesso and ink washed artworks Piha Burn was also authored by Peter Force. It was created as part of the group show '50 Reasons Upstairs'.


The Birds

Not a bird by the idea of a bird. An ongoing series of soft pastel works inspired by the New Zealand birdlife. 

waterfall seven.jpeg
waterfall five.jpg
waterfall six.jpeg

The Falls

A series of soft pastel paintings inspired by the waterfalls of the Aurland Valley, Norway. To watch a waterfall is to watch time pass. They are a reminder of our own mortality and at the same time, an infinite spectacle bursting with life.


A celebration of colour that also touched on themes relating to man’s exploitation of the natural world. Specifically, parrot species captured last century and displayed in dusty drawers at the Auckland Museum.

Dormant Colour

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