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Inspired by the well-preserved collection of Australian parrots held at the Auckland Museum, this show was, in some way, an attempt to bring these brightly coloured torpedoes back to life. The birds were plucked from the outback years ago but their colours were bright, stubborn and very much alive.


Little is known about what happened in the small town of Jerome, Arizona in 1956. A media blackout instigated by a government in the grips of a cold war was largely successful and it’s taken years of hard work by a dedicated group of investigators to finally reveal the truth. This project was developed during the pandemic lockdown as a reaction to everything that was going on at the time and social media was blowing up with all kinds of wild conspiracy theories.


Click a portrait and read the stories.


A picture book based on the true story of a man who faked his own death in 1930's New Zealand. Written and illustrated for the group show 50 Reasons Upstairs.

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