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After years of appalling high school grades, Peter’s mother

(a successful artist in her own right) had the good sense and foresight to sign him up for weekly life drawing classes.

Around the same time, a renegade group of art school tutors caught up in a scandal after one of them stripped off during a student lecture opened a small art school in Far North Queensland just south of where Peter’s family lived at the time. 


Armed with his average grades and a portfolio of naked lady sketches, Peter enrolled at the school and discovered soft pastels for the first time. He knew he was onto something when, in his final year, some of the lecturers asked to buy his paintings. So, began a creative journey that has seen him work as an illustrator, artist and as an award winning advertising creative and screenwriter.


Peter is obsessed with the vibrancy, texture and immediacy of soft pastels. To quote that great Australian punk band, Amyl and the Sniffers, “Good energy and bad energy, I’ve got plenty of energy, it’s my currency”. 


Peter is a Unison Colour Associate Artist, currently resides in New Zealand and is inspired by UFO sightings, human faces, and the raw and messy beauty of nature. 

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